Doesn't everyone want a nice, organized, decorated house!?!?  Of course you do!

It all began years ago when a guest came over to my house and asked who my interior decorator was. I humbly said...that is me! I have been staging, modeling homes, and decorating houses ever since.  I am extremely passionate about decorating and my brain can't help but think about the next project, home repair, or update I can do to my house.  Thankfully, I have the greatest support system: my husband and daughter.  Because of them, I was able to start my own business and do what I love to do each day!

I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education and I've taught in Wake county. I also worked as a training manager with Fidelity Investments and IBM until I had my daughter.  She completely rocked my world and that's when I became a stay-at-home mom.  Now, she's off to school and it's time for me to channel Joanna Gaines and do what I do best. Let's get decorating!


I have been passionate about decorating and rearranging rooms since I was a kid. I used to move my bedroom furniture around and reorganize my things on a regular basis! I can even remember the excitement I felt when I got to help my dad remove the wallpaper in my room so that I could paint it the new color that I had picked out.  The joy and excitement I felt with each new design idea I had has only grown over the years. Now, I've traded in my New Kids On the Block posters and stuffed animals for a more refined, modern/rustic look that I hope you will love as much as I do!

I have a bachelor's degree in childhood education and a master's in literacy. After teaching for 7 years, I spent the next 5  years working hard as a stay-at-home-mom. I'm married to the best guy in the world. We have 2 awesome kids and one lovable pup. When I'm not carpooling my kids around, you can find me decorating, shopping for home decor, browsing catalogs, or DIYing some ridiculous project that my husband is probably mad about… you catch my drift? I’m obsessed!! I can't wait to take on whatever project you have and pour all this passion into it!


Just picture it: Two young designers, dripping with sophistication, walk into a Starbucks. There they sit, pouring over the latest home magazines while they sip their drinks and discuss their interior decorating dreams. They were a match made in heaven! Well… that little fantasy was fun while it lasted. But, let’s be honest. We met over wings and beer. The only truth listed above is that we hit it off, right from the start (and we both love Starbucks). Once we finished venting our frustrations with our teaching careers, we realized we both had a love of decorating and from there, our friendship blossomed. Over the years, we have spent lots of time admiring each other’s taste in decor, helping friends and family decorate their homes, and standing in the aisles of HomeGoods, petting all the pretty things we love. When we are together, we do weird things like call our favorite decor items “crunchy” and hold hands while admiring a perfectly decorated room. We LOVE what we do!!!

Here are a few things we think you should know about us:

1. We LOVE decorating.

2. We are obsessed with all things modern-farmhouse... and Joanna Gaines.

3. We also love wine.

4. We will do a kick-ass job helping you figure out all of your decorating needs.

5. We will make sure you have just as much fun as we do during that process.

6. We are not tall. That’s not really all that important, but just thought you should know.

Let’s get this party started!

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