Give your bookshelves a hug!

How many people took down their Christmas decorations and now have no idea how to decorate for the cold, dreary winter months ahead? Well, I hope I can help you out. As most of you know, I love to decorate. I am constantly walking around my house and moving items from one table to the next or just turning a piece of décor slightly to change the whole effect. ( I am probably the only one that will see that, because Lord knows, the man in my house will not notice it!)  

Anyway, after the holidays I tend to mix a lot of elements and textures together to make each shelf unique and happy. I never end up doing the same thing year after year. It’s like an art project for me, and the amount of time it takes me to fill the 16 shelves in my built-in cabinets will remain unknown. However, I love it now that it is complete and I will only change a few things here and there throughout the year.


 I like to decorate with neutral colors and throw in a pop of color here and there. I usually gravitate towards blues and greens.  I try to spread out the blue colors so that they are not all right next to each other. I like to use blue tinted glass bottles or blue picture frames to give it the right amount of color.Using natural woods, metals and textured items will give it a lot of depth, as well. Mixing all of them together will make everything blend so nicely.  

Using succulents and moss are one way to incorporate green in a subtle way. I have been using reindeer moss for years but just recently, my side-kick and fellow girl-boss, Sarah, showed off her beautiful shelves using Spanish moss! I just add some in a basket or around an item to give it more of a hug!  I may end up adding some reindeer moss on top of the Spanish to give it some more color too. It’s so cute when it’s all done.

BOOKS!!!!  (the older, the better) They are one of my favorite things to use as well. I love to use them to give each shelf a dramatic effect with height so everything is not straight across and even. I like to turn the books to show off the “yellowy” page side to give it more of a natural color. Take a look! So subtle, yet it adds so much character!  

So there are a few of the tips I use to spruce up my built-ins after the holidays!  Toning it down and using neutrals is a nice way to give it that farmhouse feel we all love.