Parkside Place

Amy and Wayne reached out to RCD when they decided it was time to put their house on the market. In addition to the money-making upgrades like refinished hardwoods, a refreshed kitchen, and a remodeled master bathroom, they asked us to warm it up by bringing in some rustic charm. Take a look at how we transformed this house from crowded, traditional chaos to wide-open, rustic chic!



Imagine walking in the front door of a beautiful home in a quiet cul-de-sac and then BAM! You find yourself face to face with the backside of a paisley couch. I know it sounds like a scary designer nightmare, but it happened to us. Once we found our way around the couch, we still had to hurdle the arm chairs if we wanted to get out the back door. Our first thoughts? We had to feng shui this baby!

On the side wall, this antique hutch was holding us back! As gorgeous and meaningful as it was, it was taking up some prime living room real estate and severely limiting the layout possibilities of that space. It had. To. Go.

Last but not least, we couldn't wait to open up this space by showcasing the french doors that led to the back porch. Doors, you ask? Did you even see them hiding back there???





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