Vail Court

Becky, Nate, and their two kids have lived in this beautiful Morrisville, NC home for over 3 years. And for 3 years they have left their upstairs loft completely empty. We're talking no furniture, no wall art, no storage... nada! We were just itching to get our hands on this perfectly arched, blank canvas. Here's how we brought it to life!



Take a look at this gorgeous blank slate just screaming for some homey, rustic touches!



Our first priority was to make this space feel cozy and useable by all members of their family. Since the loft is what connects the master bedroom and both kids' bedrooms, we wanted to incorporate some elements that would help bring the family together in that space. Some children's books, poufs, and a snuggly blanket were the first things that came to mind to help warm it all up!

In addition to the warmth, we made sure to add some functionality. The little drawers are perfect for holding some coloring books and crayons for the kiddos, extra batteries, or even some dusting cloths for convenience!

We always want our clients to feel a personal connection to their newly refreshed spaces. A metal "M" for their family name, the "Our Nest" wall decor, and a frame to be filled by a memorable family photo were just the pieces needed to tie this all together.

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