Whimsical and Rustic: My Girl

What little girl does not want her bedroom to be full of unicorns, flowers and everything PINK?!?!

I have always loved the idea of making over something that was perfectly good to start with, and that drives my husband looney.  It’s in my blood and I cannot help it.  My daughter’s room was full of butterflies and lots bright, cheery shades of pink.  After a couple years of that, I was getting bored with it and wanted to tone it down a bit.  I just didn’t have a vision or something that inspired me.  Until….my friend gave me this pillow for her bedroom. 

DING..there it was.  The lightbulb.  Of course, it’s adorable and PINK.  But it’s not the same shade of pink of her cute butterfly comforter…and oh, there’s gold in it.  I.love.gold.  So off I went on my computer to just “look” at whimsy pinks and golds and next thing I knew I had ordered her a whole new room.   Yep, I found a new comforter, sheets, throw pillows and decor.  One thing is for sure, I am efficient…because that night I already started to take the stuff off her walls and patched, sanded and repainted the holes.  I was getting ready for the next. Best. thing.  Seriously, nothing excites me more than a home project. 

Almost every day the UPS guy was at our door ringing the bell dropping off another item or two. The makeover was in process.  I also ventured to Hobby Lobby and found a lot of cute, whimsical pieces for her room.  And if you haven’t been, it will be worth your time!  Trust me.  It’s one of those stores, like Target,  that I go into to find a “couple of items” and the next thing you know your cart is full and your pockets are empty.  Ah, why!?!?!?  But I love it.  My hubby…not so much.  Here are some of the cute, rustic themed items that I could not pass up.  Overall, I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.  And so is my daughter, because let’s be honest, it is HER room.  She always tells me, “If you like it mommy, I will like it!”  She is a pretty easy client to work with.  I feel like everything flows nicely and is just the right tone of whimsical I was going for.  To that friend, who passed along the pillow…little did you know how much that truly inspired me.  So thank you, you know who you are! XO